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There has to be a practice

  • May 1, 2019
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Whenever we learn something, we have to make room in our life for the learning process. This applies all the more to learning a foreign language.

And we have to have a practice or to make it a practice, like brushing our teeth. This is super important!

By all means, we should choose a good course, the best one if we can find it.

By all means, we should go to class – that’s important, too.

However, it’s not enough.  We have to put in place a daily practice and stick to it during the learning process. Because how long it takes to reach a comfortable level is inversely correlated with how serious we are about our practice.

So, like our teeth, we should brush our English (or the foreign language we are learning) daily. Every single day! We shouldn’t fool ourselves that it works any other way.

Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be a life-long practice, but it surely can turn into an activity that can go on for years and years unless we commit to a daily practice throughout the learning process.

What does practice look like?


♦ Well, one day it can be reading something we find interesting (picking one or two paragraphs to read out loud to hear our pronunciation);

♦ Another day it could be listening to a podcast we find interesting;

♦ The next day it can be taking the time to talk in detail about our day in a loud voice (very good speaking practice). Another very efficient practice is to record ourselves speaking and to ask our teacher to give us feedback.

This is far more efficient than wasting time on so-called “tips & tricks” to learning a language because guess what: there aren’t any! They are just ways to hide and not do the actual work.

We fool ourselves that we did something for our learning, but these are only distractions. And they don’t work. They never do.

 Of course it’s alluring or tempting to think there are “tricks” we could use, because we live in a time when there is an overflow of how to do things in two or maximum three “easy” steps using different “tricks”. But we actually end up being frustrated because they didn’t work.

And the reason they didn’t work is because they weren’t meant for you. You are unique and you have your way of learning, only you know what works for you and what doesn’t.

And we know this because we meet almost daily people who have tried all sorts of things and still have difficulties making progress.

Experience has shown us that those who succeed are those who worked out a practice that worked for them and that they enjoyed applying in a consistent manner. This works best!

It’s true that the learning journey can be a lonely experience at times, that’s why 2 things are very important:

- finding a supporting learning environment where you get feedback, encouragement and celebrate victories

- reading / listening to / talking about things that interest us or we feel passionate about (to stay motivated and keep doing the practice).


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